About Bo Johnsson

I live in Lund in Southern Sweden.

Pictures of events, travel, street life, wildlife, domestic animals, horses and equestrian sports. Infrared photography. QTVR-panoramas.

I have always traveled at lot (unfortunately often without a camera) in Africa, the Middle East, on the Indian Subcontinent, in the Himalayas, in Indonesia and in the Scandinavian Arctic.

My photography is since many years 100% digital. The modern Nikons and Canons are all digital. The pre-war Leica III is analog and is nowadays collecting dust.

Planned travels and assignments
* Copenhagen Fashion Week (February -15)
* Kiskunsági National Park and Pusztaszer, Hungary (May -15)
* Falsterbo Horse Show, Sweden (July -15)
* Malmö City Horse Show, Sweden (August -15)
* India: Rajasthan, Pushkar Camel Fair, Varanasi (November/December -15)

All my files (JPGs and 8-bit TIFFs) on PhotoShelter Personal Archive are also - on request - available as 8-bit or 16-bit TIFFs. They are unsharpened and with embedded ICC profile Adobe RGB (1998).

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Contact info
* cell phone Sweden: (int+) 46 70 543 47 03
* Skype: bo_johnsson call / add to contacts
* e-mail: info [at] bojohnsson [dot] com , or choose "contact" in the toolbar above
* letter: Bo Johnsson Photography, Varvadersvagen 4 P, SE-222 27 Lund, Sweden

Company info
* organization registration number: 530918-**** (Sweden)
* VAT registration number: SE530918****** (Sweden)

More pictures
* My stuff at Instagram and Flickr.